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We have developed a unique online conferencing system as a concept that embodies the three main requirements of “high quality, high performance and easy operability”, delivered with a level of quality that lives up to the name of made-in-Japan quality.

In a reliable environment with helpful functionality, the user is free to concentrate on the conference.

Point1 High quality Point2 High Performance Point3 Easy operation
Point1 Leveraging our own original technology to deliver the kind of audio and image quality that no other company can provide

The prevention of voice delay and sound outs is essential to running a smooth online conference.
By leveraging our original, advanced technology in LiveOn, developed by us, we are able to avoid voice sound outs and audio delay, in order to deliver stress-free, clear sound, even in communication with overseas locations where the communication environment may not be the best, or in communication with multiple locations where the load is very heavy.

With conversation at a 32 kHz sampling rate that is close to CD quality, and HD video streaming at 1289 x 720 resolution, we make it easier than ever for users to hear and see clearly what is going on.

HD image quality delivers communication with a real sense of presence!
HD image quality is by far the clearer!
LiveOn sound quality is close to CD quality at 32 kHz. Listen and hear for yourself!

These voice data were recorded at 8 kHz/32 kHz.


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Point2 A rich suite of helpful and high performance functions

In addition to a document sharing function that allows conference participants to share documents in formats such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF, the system offers a rich suite of functions, such as whiteboard, audio-video record, media player, etc., so that, in addition to tele-conferencing, LiveOn finds application in a wide range of scenarios, such as training sessions and seminars, event transmission, monitoring and BCP measures, etc. Further, by bringing in the industry's first network IP camera (Canon) into the conference room, LiveOn provides the user with value that goes beyond the online conference.

LiveOn's complete security

Secure communication with AES

LiveOn's encryption offers complete security by utilizing "AES (Rijndael)", the Advanced Encryption Standard that has been adopted as a new encryption standard in the United States.

Unique protocol for extra security

LiveOn uses a unique protocol. In the unlikely event that LiveOn communication data are intercepted and decrypted, the content cannot be understood without knowing the protocol.

Simple, intuitive interface that anyone can use.

No need for any troublesome operations. It is easy to login or start a conference from a browser or conference invitation mail. Simply click icons on the screen to use the functions that are essential to a Web conference, such as document sharing and whiteboard, and to access settings screens. Even users who are not familiar with PC will find it easy to use this system intuitively.

Simple start (After logging in, just two clicks to start a conference)
1.Login 2.Select conference room 3.Start conferenceEasy operation