LiveOn: An excellent online conferencing experience with Japanese quality.


Leverage Japanese technical excellence To enhance your online experience and productivity. LiveOn

What is LiveOn

We believe that the most important aspects of online conferencing are reliability, audio quality and ease of use.

"Bringing out the best performance, even in low bandwidths".

We continue to deliver an excellent online conferencing experience that lives up to the reputation of Japanese quality.

In addition to providing the kinds of functions that are required of Web communications tools, such as mobile support, presence functionality and multi-user support, etc., the world’s first IP camera image import functionality goes beyond simple office use and delivers a new kind of productivity.

20 HD video conference Clear and seamless audio Unlimited participants Creating unlimited meeting rooms Smartphones & tablets Share files Scheduling Recording Play video IP camera connectivity
17 June 2021
We released LiveOn Ver18.0
25 June 2020
We released LiveOn Ver17.0
20 June 2019
We released LiveOn Ver16.0
21 June 2018
We released LiveOn Ver15.0
22 June 2017
LiveOn ver14.0 Pamphlet PDF
22 June 2017
We released LiveOn Ver14.0
23 June 2016
LiveOn ver13.0 Pamphlet PDF
23 June 2016
We released LiveOn Ver13.0
24 Feb 2016
News Release - LiveOn iOS now supports HD video(80KB) PDF
16 Apr 2015
We released LiveOn Ver12.0
02 Mar 2015
We have renewed this web site.
23 Oct 2013
We released LiveOn Ver11.0
6 June 2012
Smartphone, Tablet Support!
6 June 2012
We released LiveOn Ver10.0
18 May 2011
We released LiveOn Ver9.0
17 March 2010
We released LiveOn Ver8.0

Online Operating Environment Check

Prior to conducting a trial, check the LiveOn operation on your own PC and network environment.

*This operating environment test is not for the purposes of deciding whether you can use LiveOn or not. It should be used as a kind of guide.